Free Habbo Coins

Registrations are closed, but…Take a look on my secret method tested and approved (since 2009) to get free Habbo coins!


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People always asked me things such: How do you get so many coins? How could you giveaway them? What is your method? Whats is your secret?

Since 2009 we gave away 1,000s of free habbo coins to players. I’m proud I could make a lot of people happy with something that is so simple. The players were always asking me how could I send coins, furnis and vip membership for free…and now I’m finally answering :)

In the last months I have been busy with college and don’t have enough time to run and administrate the +35,000 users membership website as I had in the past.

That’s why now I’m revealing my personal/secret method I have been using to get hundreds of coins. I wrote a step-by-step guide including all details which you can download for free.

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I just ask you as soon you get your habbo credits to share with your friends. One day may you may stop playing habbo but friends are forever.